Shufeldt Consulting

The Shufeldt Consulting Team has helped emergency departments, urgent care centers, 638 hospitals and physician offices improve quality and patient safety. Shufeldt Consulting focuses on efficiency, patient satisfaction, revenue cycle management and MCO contracting, and employee engagement. Our team of highly talented professionals works closely with you to ensure that you achieve your goals.

Shufeldt Consulting will customize our services to your needs. Our trained staff can provide the expertise you need to increase patient flow and operational efficiencies through concise review of your existing organization and structure.

For example, Shufeldt Consulting can help you in the following areas:

Starting a medical business

– When starting a medical-related business, it is important to ensure that all standard business processes are followed and implemented.  Our goal at Shufeldt Consulting is to help you work through all of the business and legal requirements that you will face as you start your business.  Our team works with hundreds of medical related practices, and we know how to help you through the start-up process one step at a time.

Selling your urgent care or medical practice
– The process of marketing and selling a medical practice is time consuming and daunting. With our years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and connections in order to find prospective acquirers at the best price and terms.

– Whether you are out raising capital from private equity firms or want to position your center for sale, our team of seasoned professionals can assist you and help attract the best firms at the best terms.

Financial modeling
– Extensive financial modeling and sensitivity analysis are the key to making the right decisions at every step of the way as you build and grow your business. Our financial modeling and budgeting services set the stage for successful development and growth.

– Cash is the lifeblood of every business. We help maximize your cash flow by evaluating your revenue cycle management, improving your collections, and appropriately increasing your net revenue per patient by showing you how to appropriately code and bill for the services provided.

Compliance plan review
– Health plans and federal government agencies are increasingly strict and aggressive in their pursuit of potentially non-compliant centers. We will help you develop a comprehensive compliance plan which will help ensure your clinics stay off the radar of the Federal Government.
Acquisition analysis for private equity firms
– Our team has performed numerous medical center acquisitions and understands the complex, multidisciplinary approach needed to accurately assess a practice from top to bottom.
Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Program analysis
– There are hundreds of different electronic health records available. We will help you determine which ones are best for your practice and help you negotiate the best possible contract.
Policy and procedure for optimum efficiency and throughput
– Patient throughout is key to raising your patient volume and improving patient satisfaction. More patients through your door leads to increased return on investment and decreased number of days to break even. We evaluate your processes and help you identify opportunities for improvement. Every minute saved improves your bottom line.

– Solid policies and procedures form the foundation of every successful medical practice. We will guide you through the development, or review and refinement of your center’s policies and procedures.

Reduce your medical malpractice risk

– By effectively documenting encounters, identifying “at-risk” patients, comprehensively pre-screening new staff and educating current staff and providers, we can help you lower your malpractice risk. Our methodologies help you plan ahead to avoid medical and customer service misadventures.

– An intensive Peer Review program is also available for multi-site locations. We can provide guidance and direction for setting up your own program or monitoring existing programs.

Health plan contract review

– Health plans don’t offer providers their best available rates or contracts on the initial pass. Many providers fail to realize that health plans are willing to negotiate prices. In fact, it is imperative to thoroughly analyze and negotiate your contract prior to signing. We will guide you through the often intimidating process of contract review and negotiation.

Proposed new site analysis
– Our staff has experience opening more than fifty clinics throughout six states. We know how to identify the best sites, and how to negotiate the best possible terms with the broker and landlord. We will help you identify, acquire, and occupy the best sites.
Other Services
– Our experienced team can provide assistance with vendor reviews and Request for Proposals (RFP) evaluations.

– We also have an extensive list of preferred vendors to help with marketing, website development, supply purchasing and other needs.

“If you have passion, you have this internal drive to succeed…passion keeps you on your path when you’re getting knocked around.” – Dr. John Shufeldt