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Dr. John Shufeldt is the real-life version of the character in the movie Catch Me if You Can. Only, his myriad pursuits are legitimate. He is a practicing physician, attorney, entrepreneur, pilot, author and speaker.

What may be even harder to believe, having completed multiple degree paths with academic excellence, is that he graduated in the bottom half of his high school class.

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This experience, along with his over 30 years of career and educational history are what make him a passionate author and speaker on the subject of self-leadership, entrepreneurialism and medical issues.

Dr. Shufeldt’s style is warm and engaging while also informative. His passion is to mentor others while relentlessly pursuing positive self-leadership and life-long learning. Dr. Shufeldt emits a strong energy to challenge and motivate himself and others to be entrepreneurial and improve the broken healthcare system.

His knowledge and experience make him trustworthy and wise, while his tone reflects someone who is approachable and humble. He strives to make a positive impact on others and motivate those around him to reach their full potential.

While he can speak on a wide variety of topics, he typically focuses on entrepreneurial and medical topics.

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“Learning and growth don’t just happen in isolation inside a classroom. When you open your mind to this truth, the world becomes your classroom, and life itself becomes your every-present, enduring teacher” – Dr. John Shufeldt