Author, Dr. John Shufeldt announces the release of his latest business book, You Economy: Inspiring Your Inner Entrepreneur in conjunction with a promotional giveaway. The book, written for entrepreneurial hopefuls, provides inspirational material and how-to guidance for professionals navigating the startup economy.

The book is currently available in both ebook and paperback formats on Amazon. A hardcover and an audio version are forthcoming.

The ebook is priced at $3.49 on Amazon, and the complementary giveaway starts Wednesday, April 24 and lasts through Sunday, April 29. Participants can enter by visiting the book’s Amazon listing.

The paperback version is priced at $14.95 on Amazon, and the complementary giveaway is available immediately to random entrants, while supplies last. Participants can enter the giveaway by visiting the author’s Facebook page.

Best-selling author Justin Gesso, of Leave the Grind behind says, “Contained within this book is a practical and exciting approach to joining the You Economy and taking charge of your future. Shufeldt lays out his decades of entrepreneurial experience, shares success stories of others, and brings everything together in a modern context. If you want to maximize your financial future and leverage the exceptional opportunity the You Economy affords us all, you have to read Shufeldt’s book.”

“We are in the age of startup entrepreneurs rather than the one-career man or woman. Students used to pursue higher education for a specific career path, now they are looking for an education that will propel them into various achievements. The magic happens when you find something you’re passionate about that is profitable. I want to help students and professionals pursue their dreams and make money while doing it. I have the fortune of jumping out of bed everyday to do what I love — yet I have never worked a day in my life,” says Dr. Shufeldt about his latest of 10 published books.

Shufeldt, who is a doctor, lawyer, serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, pilot, and more, is hoping to share guidance on how he achieved success in the 11 chapter book. He believes that with focused efforts and the enclosed tips, readers will be able to enjoy a profitabl career in their chosen venture(s). For more information on Dr. John Shufeldt and his other published books and leadership videos, visit

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About Dr. John Shufeldt

Author Dr. John Shufeldt launched into a 30 plus year trajectory of serial entrepreneurship in 1993. He worked as an Emergency Medicine physician by night and urgent care business owner by day. Over the course of twenty years, he saw his one clinic grow to 58 clinics before he sold and jumped into the newest facet of cutting edge healthcare delivery — telemedicine.

This isn’t all though, during that time he also acquired his MBA and Juris Doctor, becoming an attorney for his interest in health law. Most recently, he earned a Six Sigma Black Belt. Peppered throughout his medical entrepreneurship efforts, he has pursued other passions, becoming an adjunct professor in ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business and the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, a professional pilot, SWAT team medical director, author, speaker and more. Since his childhood days selling candles and chocolates door-to-door, he has started over 30 businesses and has published over ten books for budding physicians, entrepreneurs and self-leaders.

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